We’re the Best! In Women’s Golf!

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We’re #1 The ladies are elated that their Filipino flag golf shirts are a hit.

by Leonard Cervantes

It’s always nice to see Filipinos do well in sports. Makes me feel better about not having shit-all to be excited about during the Olympics (even Jamaica has a bobsled team).

Imagine my pleasure at hearing that the Filipino tandem of Dorothy Delasin and Jennifer Rosales had won the Women’s World Cup of Golf, dedicating the win to Filipinos all over the world. Finally, we win at a sport that focuses on finesse and a softer touch — by women, no less. Continue reading


Renaldo — 14 minutes and counting

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It’s been a week since Renaldo Lapuz shocked the world with his infectious tune and it looks like he’s already fading from view.

your brodder

His ‘official’ website is up for auction and while he’s still ‘hot shet’ in the blogosphere, mainstream media seems to be on the next thing already.

I promise that this will be my last post regarding this unless something ridiculous happens next, but I did want to comment on a few keen observations since what I like to call “Lapuz-Gate”. Continue reading

Renaldo Lapuz is your BRAWDER til the end of time.

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by Leonard Cervantes

Since the beginning, American Idol has seen its share of Filipino contestants. Mostly a steaming arroz caldo pot of also-rans and broken dreams, it’s hard to even remember some of their names today (Camile Velasco, Sway Penala, Jasmine Trias and Canada’s own Mikey Bustos).

He IS your brawder.
Last night, in one fell swoop, Filipinos all over the world finally got their wish – an Idol contestant that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression: Renaldo Lapuz. Continue reading

The PinoyLife Guide to Not Being a Kuya

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This actually wasn’t a BrownScene article, but an article that appeared on Pinoylife.com, which was a California-based site that really paved the way for our own online presence.

Sometimes, I wonder if the Editor, Moonie Lantion is still out there doing his thing. Moonie, if you are, holler at us.

Meanwhile, I post this article by Moonie out of nostalgia:

The Pinoylife Guide to Not Being a Kuya
by Moonie Lantion for Pinoylife.com

Disclaimer: This is not to be taken too seriously. It is not meant to put down Pinays but just to poke fun at the fact that most guys I know have been called Kuya and hated it.

I’ll make this real clear. This article is geared towards men. It is in no way meant to appease any women because it will reveal truths that are unspoken but very well known in the minds of most men. I write this to hopefully educate and enlighten my fellow Pinoy brothers in that they may minimize the amount of times they are called the evil word… KUYA. Continue reading

Tarantino’s Barong is so Wrong

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by Leonard Cervantes

This news is sort of old, but worth posting anyway.Quentin’s Ba-Wrong

The Golden Globes are coming up and the latest news is that they are trying to negotiate to let the show go on via striking an independent deal with writers.

Bigger news to me was that Quentin Tarantino took to the podium before the holidays to annouce the Golden Globe noms — and he was wearing a barong tagalog. The day after, Defamer blog posted comments about Tarantino’s messy un-kept look.

All I gotta say is, don’t blame the barong! We all know Quentin Tarantino isn’t the most ‘kept’ man on the planet. In fact, aside from being a brilliant co-opter (thief) of Asian and other cult film influences, he actually nauseates me. I do have to give him props for rocking the barong though… it’s an unappreciated work of fashion art that deserves to be recognized for its elegance as formal attire.

If you look at the photos online, you can easily tell that Quentin got the barong look all wrong. I should know, I wore one at my wedding and instituted a barong style code for the men — one of the smartest moves ever, garnering compliments from all our guests. For Quentin Tarantino and any other Hollywood fashionista thinking of sporting our national garb, here are a few do’s and don’ts on wearing the Barong Tagalog:


1. Do Wear a Shirt Underneath – No one likes nipplage showing beneath those pina fibers. Plus, your nipples don’t like rubbing embroidered patterns (do they?) Continue reading

BSmag – Circa 2001

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by Leonard Cervantes

In 2001, we at BrownScene Magazine were at our most optimistic time. We were in stores, the website was picking up steam and BrownScene local events were a vital part of the city’s cultural landscape.

About that point in time, a student named Steve Shaffer contacted us for an interview in the Ryerson Review of Journalism. For us, it was another sign that our dream to make our magazine could actually come to fruition.

As you might know, BrownScene ceased to exist barely a year after this article was published. For me, it’s real interesting to read this and look back at what we were trying to accomplish as an ethnic publication. Also, it’s crazy how much the publishing game has changed so much since then with the advent of the blogosphere.

I hope this blog site gives back what the bitter reality of print publishing costs took away from us roughly 7 years ago. It feels real good to be writing again, and I think that’s the reason we started BrownScene in the first place.

Here’s the article:

Uphill Struggle
by Steve Shaffer
Ryerson Review of Journalism
Spring 2001

The founders of the eyetalian wanted to show their community in all its complexity. But commercial realities meant that they could never push their struggling magazine into the black.

To a passerby on Yonge Street, the scene could have been an Italian wedding. The Sunday crowd included not only swanky 20-somethings sporting designer Italian jackets, but also their proud parents, who clutched envelopes stuffed with money. Continue reading

Gimme More Chicharon

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happy Easter, Love Britney

By now you’ve already probably heard Britney Spears’ new single ‘Piece of Me’. If you haven’t, you don’t know that Britney actually bigs up the Philippines in the song. BRRAP BRRRAP!Represent! Continue reading