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Don’t es-STOP. Bel-EEEBin.

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by Leonard Cervantes

This is old news, but just in case you already didn’t know —


Legendary rock band Journey has a new lead singer and he’s PINOY! If you don’t know who Journey is, you are probably:

a) a youngin
b) too cool
c) too cool for school

The members of Journey ended up flying Arnel to America for an in-person audition and they signed him on the spot as their new lead singer. It’s the ultimate Cinderella rags-to-riches story and would have been the perfect ending — if not for the racist reactions of some Journey fans.
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Renaldo — 14 minutes and counting

Posted in Arts & Media, Bone to Pick, Entertainment, Jokes, guy. on January 23, 2008 by Leonard

It’s been a week since Renaldo Lapuz shocked the world with his infectious tune and it looks like he’s already fading from view.

your brodder

His ‘official’ website is up for auction and while he’s still ‘hot shet’ in the blogosphere, mainstream media seems to be on the next thing already.

I promise that this will be my last post regarding this unless something ridiculous happens next, but I did want to comment on a few keen observations since what I like to call “Lapuz-Gate”. Continue reading

Gimme More Chicharon

Posted in Arts & Media, Entertainment on December 31, 2007 by Leonard

happy Easter, Love Britney

By now you’ve already probably heard Britney Spears’ new single ‘Piece of Me’. If you haven’t, you don’t know that Britney actually bigs up the Philippines in the song. BRRAP BRRRAP!Represent! Continue reading

Yessss, we’re cool.

Posted in Arts & Media, Entertainment on December 31, 2007 by Leonard

Time Magazine rated the Cebu Thriller Jailbirds in the Top 10 Viral clips of the year.  That’s almost as good as Balut being rated the #1 World’s Grossest food earlier this year.

 Wow.. we really represent, yo! 

look at this video