What is BrownScene? **revised**

** ah.  so you might be saying, “I was looking for the online version of that magazine I loved”.  well, you’re in the right place.  but this site isn’t it.  rather, it’s the start of an idea that Roel and I had a few years ago, to bring back brownscene as a blog.  it never really happened, and so I just made the thing my own blog, which I never update because of facebook and twitter.  times change fast, huh?  maybe one day… **

Things were way different in the late 90s. People still listened to r&b, it was all about Playstation 1, the cellphones were big and bulky and Filipino kids still hung out.With an old Centris Mac and some pocket change, a couple of us got together and started a magazine.  Glossy-covered and chock full or articles from Canada to California, the print version was available at Record Stores and college campuses everywhere.  But boy, was it expensive to print.

Back then, the internet was still sort of new. Now it’s not.  We spend a large percentage of our daily lives on the web.  Social networks are where we meet and catch up.  The news is delivered right to our screens via RSS.  The blogosphere is vast and best of all, it’s free.

BrownScene was always about the ideas and discussion first.  Now that technology has finally caught up to us, we thought it was a perfect time to welcome you back –

… to BrownScene.


2 Responses to “What is BrownScene? **revised**”

  1. I am ecstatic to see BROWNSCENE back in the spotlight, where it should be. I was supporters when you were Brown Sugar Mag and was saddened to hear the discontinuation of BS a few years ago. I am looking forward to the rejuvenation of BS.

    M. Salamat

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